How to make unsaved Sublime files stand out

Erika in Glasses
3 min readOct 1, 2016

It’s Saturday morning and I am playing Flexbox Froggy at HackerYou, sitting with two other students. I am stuck on the last level, which is proving that I am still not fully understanding flexbox. I want to go back to floats.

Theoretically flexbox is supposed to be better than floats, and I really like not having to remember to clearfix and clear things.

I’ve learned one of my biggest issues is forgetting to save my files. And it usually takes me a while to understand why my code changes are not showing, because the tiny dot that tells you that you have an unsaved file is light grey and so unnoticeable!

With the image at this size it is easy to see I have not saved my contact.html file, but what if it could stand out more?

I went to google for help and came across this Stack Overflow thread about adjusting the colour.

1. Add a line of json to your settings: Sublime Text -> Preferences -> Settings

"highlight_modified_tabs": true,

This makes it orange and so much easier to see (orange because of the theme I am using, Wes Bos’ Cobalt2 theme)



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